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Some of our Features

Only Takes 2 minutes to setup

Register, it's free for 30 days

All you need to do is copy a simple line of Java Script into your html / PHP / Word press / Joomla / WHMCS website and your Widget will start Instantly 


One online tool for all

Start accepting Chats or invite your website visitors to chat with you with automatic invites so you can focus on other tasks at hand while our system works for you, you may also want to invite your team over!

Real time Stats

High performance live stats

Track your stats in real time, which means as long as you have your button on your website you can see the excact location of your visitors using Google Maps / IP / ISP, Plus track your teams history over time.

Operator Panel / Dashboard

Excellent easy to understand

Your Dashboard has been built with "you" in mind so that every feature can be located at your finger tips so you can move through each feature while staying online ready for any visitor or customer chat.  


Live stats keep you updated

Simply go to your live online stats and see what is happening with your visitors, from their you can see who is currently on your website including there IP address and host details.

Chat History

See how your website is doing

Depending on your package you can see your chat history and how your website is doing, you can export any conversation by entering which email address you want the conversation sent to, we offer packages from 30 says to 3 months conversation history.

Sharing files is a breeze

Now you can share files while in chat

Our secure online file system allows you to share files such as images or documents with your website visitors, for example if your customer needs to upload a signed document that needs to be certified there & then.

Canned Responses

Save time with a couple of clicks

How often do you really want to ask or reply with excactly the same sentence? You wont need to type in full on the chat with responses because we have added some of the most used questions and responses to save you time if you are "ie"  in more than one chat.

Auto ProActive

Engage visitors automatically 

Known as "Engage Visitors" Auto ProActive allows you to automatically  enage visitors on your website so you don't miss them, you can set these up with ease when your logged in.

Indroducing Chat bot

Telephone systems have on hold instuctions and options so Chat Bot can be used to answer questions while your visitors are waiting to chat with a member of your team based on key words that you setup with questions.


Create departments so that your customers / visitors can choose which person that they need to be chatting with, ie Billing or Support, the number of departments depends on your package.

Account Stats

The writers and developers of have implemented fantastic stats for you to check which record chat duration, feedbacks, top sites, locations, best rated operators and much much more...

Too Many Features to List...
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